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JANUARY 09 2023    08:57 PM
In Oaxaca. Dreaming up for Landdd. 

DECEMBER 23 2023    08:57 PM
Cumbia in the colmados. 

NOV 17 2023    03:02 AM
Accepted offer as AD of HILOS studio. Ran away to Dominican Republic again, there aren’t any jellyfish there - at least not in Las Terrenas. 

OCT 23 2023    10:19 AM
I was staring at the sun, again.

SEPTEMBER 23 2023    12:08 AM
Back in Alabama for a moment with family. Feels like I’m chasing an eternal summer. 

AUGUST 23 2023    07:10 PM
Currently holding a blanket in the wind.

JULY 02 2023    11:00 AM
We are in Portland for a while. Building and making, a quick trip to Orcas Island.  Lots of Landdd events this month. 

JUNE 18 2023    12:18 AM
Summer volcanos in Reykjavik, Iceland. Ferry to countryside of Gotland, time in Stockholm with family and bits of Spain. TTYL.

MAY 11 2023    09:26 AM
Back in Portland, readings and events at Landdd. Stop by!

MAR 19 2023    03:55 PM
En Domincan. Missing Christy Lai today.

FEB 06 2023    07:08 PM
Avaliable for all projects far and wide. 

JAN 01 2023    07:08 PM
Stuck in the snow, page me. Happy New Year, this year I’ll win the lottery.

SEPT 05 2022    05:13 AM (The beautiful mess we make.)

AUGUST 21 2022    03:17 PM
Dry wall, paint, plywood - repeat. @landdd_org

AUGUST 01 2022    09:00 AM

Rented a new creative studio in NW Portland. Welcome Landdd.

JULY 18 2022    09:00 AM
Researching in Wisconsin & Alabama.

MAY 05 2022    01:35 AM
Currently living in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico until July. Send pigeons.  

APR 19  2022    07:12 PM
Shooting, scanning. Shooting, scanning.  

MAR 18 2022    12:04 AM
Spent the month falling in love.

MAR 08 2022    5:00 AM
Getting lost in the jungles of Mexico and staring directly into the sun. BRB.

FEB 19 2022    8:47 AM
Turned 29. Bought the ticket to Mexico. Made a collection of clothing. Learned to love myself again.

JAN 01 2022    6:57 PM
Take up sword-fighting. Play piano more. This year is about joy.

DEC 01 2021    12:03 PM
Temporarily moving into the new XYLIL, HQ. Located on Portland’s SE waterfront. Building, building, building.

NOV 13 2021    6:57 PM
Flight to New York? Update: didn’t happen. Dating treehouse man instead. Cooking a mean pie and kicking up dust somewhere in the desert.

OCT 04 2021    02:24 PM

Currently eating & living in Portland, OR until further notice.

SEPT 10 2021    10:45 AM

Crying in the streets of New York and sometimes upstate too. State of surrender.

AUG 08 2021    9:09 AM

Studio flooded with septic water. Moved out and moved on. En route to New York.


Nike Womens Global Campaign- Creative Direction

Fendi- Creative Direction

Hey Sis- Photography

SSounds- Photography

Nike Journal- Art Direction

Nike Journal- Art Direction

Fisher Pric-  Art Direction

Nike Journal- Art Direction

Super Talent- Photography

Visibility- Photography

Proctor & Gamble - Casting

Heavy Set- Creative Direction 

Heavy Set- Creative Direction

Mila Skincare- Photography

Toro Y Moi- Photography

Super Talent- Photography

The Writer- Photography

Personal - Photography

Lucretzia - Photography

Heavy Set- Photography

SSounds- Creative Direction

Super Talent: Direction

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