Lillian Hardy — Endangered species, now blonde[r].

Hi. I grew up in rural Alabama on a horse farm [proof]. Post-art school at Auburn University, I ended up in Portland, OR in 2015. I built a few businesses over the last 5 years. Stop by my studio for tea and I will tell you all about it in person.

Now, I creative direct, take a lot of photos, and cast for fun projects. I live in Portland most of the time and most of the other, in Oaxaca, MX.
I care most to work and live by joy. 

“Truly rivoting.”
(Definitely *not* the New York Times!)

Contact Information

We live our lives made up of a great quantity of isolated instants. So as to be lost at the heart of a multitude of things. (From the middle of Alabama, 1993.)

  1. “She’s an information super high-way, no cul-de-sac.” -  Very Close Friend
  2. Master of Ceremony.
  3. Good at counting toes.
  4. Occasional poet & vacation herbalist.

  1. Left arm: good for skipping stones & writing love letters in a legiable microscopic font size.
  2. “One of the only long haul truck drivers that has not been impacted by the supply chain demand, she delivers.” - Same close friend. 
  3. Wrangler of horse, talent & abandoned tchotchkes.