BREAKING NEWS:                                                                                                ↓
JANUARY 09 2023    08:57 PM
In Oaxaca. Dreaming up for Landdd. 

DECEMBER 23 2023    08:57 PM
Cumbia in the colmados. 

NOV 17 2023    03:02 AM
Accepted offer as AD of HILOS studio. Ran away to Dominican Republic again, there aren’t any jellyfish there - at least not in Las Terrenas. 

OCT 23 2023    10:19 AM
I was staring at the sun, again.

SEPTEMBER 23 2023    12:08 AM
Back in Alabama for a moment with family. Feels like I’m chasing an eternal summer. 

AUGUST 23 2023    07:10 PM
Currently holding a blanket in the wind.

JULY 02 2023    11:00 AM
We are in Portland for a while. Building and making, a quick trip to Orcas Island.  Lots of Landdd events this month. 

JUNE 18 2023    12:18 AM
Summer volcanos in Reykjavik, Iceland. Ferry to countryside of Gotland, time in Stockholm with family and bits of Spain. TTYL.

MAY 11 2023    09:26 AM
Back in Portland, readings and events at Landdd. Stop by!

MAR 19 2023    03:55 PM
En Domincan. Missing Christy Lai today.

FEB 06 2023    07:08 PM
Avaliable for all projects far and wide. 

JAN 01 2023    07:08 PM
Stuck in the snow, page me. Happy New Year, this year I’ll win the lottery.

SEPT 05 2022    05:13 AM (The beautiful mess we make.)

AUGUST 21 2022    03:17 PM
Dry wall, paint, plywood - repeat. @landdd_org

AUGUST 01 2022    09:00 AM

Rented a new creative studio in NW Portland. Welcome Landdd.

JULY 18 2022    09:00 AM
Researching in Wisconsin & Alabama.

MAY 05 2022    01:35 AM
Currently living in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico until July. Send pigeons.  

APR 19  2022    07:12 PM
Shooting, scanning. Shooting, scanning.  

MAR 18 2022    12:04 AM
Spent the month falling in love.

MAR 08 2022    5:00 AM
Getting lost in the jungles of Mexico and staring directly into the sun. BRB.

FEB 19 2022    8:47 AM
Turned 29. Bought the ticket to Mexico. Made a collection of clothing. Learned to love myself again.

JAN 01 2022    6:57 PM
Take up sword-fighting. Play piano more. This year is about joy.

DEC 01 2021    12:03 PM
Temporarily moving into the new XYLIL, HQ. Located on Portland’s SE waterfront. Building, building, building.

NOV 13 2021    6:57 PM
Flight to New York? Update: didn’t happen. Dating treehouse man instead. Cooking a mean pie and kicking up dust somewhere in the desert.

OCT 04 2021    02:24 PM

Currently eating & living in Portland, OR until further notice.

SEPT 10 2021    10:45 AM

Crying in the streets of New York and sometimes upstate too. State of surrender.

AUG 08 2021    9:09 AM

Studio flooded with septic water. Moved out and moved on. En route to New York.


Lillian Hardy is alive.

Butterflies taste with their feet.
Animal Voices
A careful naturalist will understand much from the voices of the animals she has studied long. Even a child knows the difference of a cat’s miauling and purr-ing. The faculty may be greatly developed.

I do not believe in god. I just like to laugh.

The real, or ‘as if’, with unsuitable substitution leads only to instability through dissatisfaction.
Ideas from the Road:
Silence is better with the windows down. 


I am not a vessel in distress. I am
merely disintegrating in rotation. (see Figure 1 & 2)  
Figure 1:

Figure 2:

There is no Ultimate: everything becomes from what has gone before, because of changing ultimates determined by our valuation of things.

I am the multi-verse. 

The proper creation or formulation of a magical universe
Times, Spaces, Dimensions
The subtle antennae of the Tree (our psycho-sensory apparatus) will indeed fold into a sphere compact of all times and spaces simultaneously. The sphere will diminish to a dot, a bindu, a title which will vanish utterly, and that which remains will be No Thing. But it is the work of each individual so to cultivate those antennae that they respond to the slightest vibration from those ‘other’ times, those ‘other’ spaces, those ‘other’ dimensions that are in very truth Herself.

The successful installation of the Adept as the centre of his universe

Made in collabortation with Dream Studios Inc.